Monday, November 07, 2005


The cross is as much a message to God as it is to human beings.

This is a shock to most.

Regardless, it is the truth for a number of fundamental reasons.

It is not some sky god that is being referred to here. That said, the majority of human beings on this planet who entertain any notions of a deity in the first place are caught up in the misunderstanding that there IS such an outside separate entity to ‘believe’ in in the first place. The God referred to in the opening statement is the deepest awareness of who a person truly is. The base or ground of life where there has never been a question of the truth regarding the absolute nature of each and every “individual’s” real identity.

It is to this God that the message of the cross is also being directed. God did not have a need for hearing the message in an absolute sense. God is.

Again, the overwhelming majority of human beings on this planet are still living and acting under the false assumption that they are separated from God and separated from each other. That they are disconnected entities in both space and time - severed from their fellow man as well as from the divine source of their very essence. This mistake is the primal error of the race - that the human being is a being distanced in any way shape or form from the creator or the creation. That God - and the chasm of awareness which the human entity truly is - is some ‘thing’ that is detached in the first place. It is humanity – struggling and floundering within this error - that the message of cross is aimed at as well.

The message of the cross, in this sense, is telling both God and man what to do in order to erase the primal error. An error which, from the absolute perspective, has never existed.

And yet, upon closer inspection, the mechanics of this error becomes apparent even in the subject and object orientation of language itself. Simply look at the paragraph above. A single word reveals the illusion of dualism that helps to perpetuate this perennial mistake. The word ‘both’. Because there truly is no separation between God and human beings. Because there truly is no separation between God and all of creation.


God 'hears' the message and knows the truth in the absolute - outside of (yet simultaneously through) the viewpoint of this curiosity called ‘time’ - constantly. Human beings - in the imagined separation of this relative realm - listen to (but rarely hear) the message of the cross. As such, they interpret this message based upon thought, conditioned beliefs, cultural ideals and so forth.

And so what is this message of the cross? Sent from one and aimed at one? What is this message saying to the God within who already knows? What is this message saying to the human being – unknowingly already completely united to the beloved yet continuing to exist in catastrophic ignorance?

The message is simple:


To follow this message, though, implies that another act must be carried out first. And this particular act must be carried out to completion: